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Implant Systems

• Trained by Nobel Biocare
• Experienced in model-based and computer-based laboratory procedures
• Fabrication of temporary and final prostheses, including ProceraŽ Implant Bridge


Perhaps the most active implant in the market today, due in part to its legacy as the grandfather of the modern dental implant system. The tapered implant provides for a natural tooth design that is both prosthetically sound and prosthetically diverse.
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Straumann’s 1-stage approach shortened the healing process with the introduction of its patented SLA surface from the industry standard 6 months to 6 weeks. Together with the Morse taper design, Straumann has simplified implant dentistry while also providing prosthetic diversity for complex cases.
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Because of their complete and unparalleled restorative components, this system is always among the favorites for laboratories and restorative dentists alike.
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Alloys we have chosen to use:

87% 24K Gold High Noble
Yellow Ceramic

Top biocompatability and
warm gold glow.

Best for restorations ranging
from singles up to three units.

We are proud to introduce our services as a NobelGuide™ Laboratory.


Based on the original Core-Vent system made popular in the 1980s.
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As a NobelGuide™ Laboratory, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality NobelGuide™ products and services to assist you in achieving optimal patient outcomes. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our new services!


Known as a system with great science behind it, Astra-Tech continues to gain ground in the U.S. A straightforward design rationale is marking Astra-Tech among the best in the dental implant market today.
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